It Was Hard For Me to See It Normal For a Civil Guard to Parade in a Bikini

1 and 2. Jennifer Fernández shows her muscles during her training sessions. 3. Dressed in the gala uniform of the Civil Guard. 4 .With the gold medal obtained in the Spanish Championship.

Jennifer Fernández is champion of Spain in Bikini Fitness, a form of bodybuilding that leads her to climb onto a platform in a swimsuit. His next goal is the European Championship

«I want to be like that!» A little girl said to her father as they drove to the beach and passed one of the civil guards who guarded the road in the sun. «No one in my family belongs to the Body. I’m the first». Jennifer Fernández speaks proudly of her work, which has been her life since she was 19 years old — «she went to the academy with the ‘L’ in her car» — and in which she has the goal of continuing to grow professionally. In fact, after passing through other destinations, he arrived in Almería with the intention of having time to study and move up within the Civil Guard. It is ambitious — in the best of senses — constant and competitive. Traits boldenon undecylenate Deutschland without which it would be impossible to have reached the top in his other great passion.

«What has cost me the most is that they see normal, especially the elderly, that a civil guard parades in a bikini on a platform.» And no, it is not a catwalk steroide in Deutschland model. He is an athlete. Practice a bodybuilding and fitness branch called Bikini Fitness. Hence, the parade with this garment that, by the way, reaches exorbitant prices. «A competition bikini costs at least 400 euros.» An «expensive» sport, she acknowledges, not only for the regulatory bikini but also for the costs of training and eating. But she, as a high-level competitor, has her own sponsor, Propharma Nutrition. «It is an Almerian company.» And it was in Almería where he developed his passion for fitness. There is a lot of culture in this sport. I started practicing it when I was assigned to Vera В». Soon after, she was ready to compete.

«I’ve been training for six years and competing for five,» he explains. Time in which she has been — within the Talla Alta category — champion of Almería, three times champion of Andalusia and, finally, champion of Spain. An achievement he achieved in 2017. В«My intention is to wear the tracksuit of Spain and represent my country in the European Championship. I am very patriotic, «he admits with a laugh. In fact, this year he has not attended the maximum national competition because he is preparing for the next European. В«I am in the stage of gaining volume. Then the definition stage will come В». It has to be this meticulous. Food and training are key to living up to the demands of the jury. However, it is not always easy. «I’m on a diet all year,» says this 32-year-old civil guard who, in addition to training every day, always goes with the food «in tow«. And it is that, as it happens in so many professions (if not in all), combining work and ‘hobbies’ is not always easy.

As expected, in a conversation with this woman who operates with total normality in a world that is mostly masculine (not male) and dedicated to a sport in which the judges rate, above all, the physical — В«the attitude in the stage is very important too»- it is inevitable that your interviewer, also a woman, will open the box of feminism. However, for Jennifer Fernández it is a simple issue to settle. «My family, my partner and my environment support me. The colleagues are used to it ». Without further ado.